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5 Reasons you should learn photography manually! I once met someone who was determined not to use a D-SLR until he had mastered a Manual Camera first. I thought he was a bit stuck up, maybe a little arrogant of his own abilities too. but actually, he was right. You will not truly value Photography until you go right back to basics and learn how the legendary pros did it first.
So here are five top reasons why you should teach yourself photography on a manual camera! 1 It's Cheap Many people think that Film Photography is expensive. If you're going all out and developing your own photographs rather than taking the to a developer then it might well be expensive! However manual cameras are a dying breed and you can pick up most of the bits and pieces you need to get started, quite cheaply. 2 Manual Focus It's the simplest reason, but it's so true. Manual Focus will save your life.
Learning how to focus your camera the hard way will make. PE: Journal and Gallery Skins What are Journal Skins? Complete Journal Gallery CSS This gallery is for Journal and Gallery skins where the CSS must be downloaded to be used. These days, there aren't as many journal skins being submitted into this category; as installable skins are becoming more and more popular. Examples Installable Journal Skins These are journal skins that can be installed for quick use. Examples strong wytiwyg 1.
Journal, rant, darama, info, opinion by jerukmasamanis. HOW DARE! I don't understand how you and a lot of other artists can charge so much money for art. For a person like me who doesn't have a lot of money 65$; even 20 is too much.
I'll be honest, in my opinion no digital artwork is worth even 10 because it's all drawn with a computer and to me that is cheating. Like you don't have to do much work and it's not hard to draw. See, a lot of artists complain that they can't sell their artwork well NEWS FLASH .
No one wants to buy art! No one feels they should have to buy art! You artists should be grateful people even look at your artwork let alone people pitifully spending money on it. I saw your recent work and it's become shitty conglomerate garbage now. I watched you for five years and over those five years your work just decreased in quality and increased in price. Too many artists are choosing to overcharge people for shitty artwork that anyone can do and you are all somehow justified to overcharge o. Artist Intent vs Fan Criticisms This has been a subject I've been interested in for years, and one which I personally struggle with on a near constant basis: Artist's intent versus fan criticisms.
Before we begin I just want to make this clear that this journal is NOT about ignoring criticisms or any sort of endorsement of such an action. I'm gonna be accused of it, of course, but I just wanted to get that out of the way right now. As I've been observing fan interactions over the years I've noticed a severe increase in a sense of entitlement: IE: that if you love something enough you have a right to force the creators to change their content to suit your personal preferences. We saw this play out to the extremes this past summer with the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle,
and we see it play out to a much lesser extent here on DA quite a bit. Artists need feedback and criticisms to grow and improve their work, but at what point does it move beyond offering suggestions to help an artist improve to outright de. The Neglected Importance of the Online Community What is the Worldwide Online Community? The Worldwide Online Community is simply a group of people from a wide variety of countries and continents who come together to share their skills, experience, and/or love for a subject.
Online communities are a fairly new faction and are not fully understood, their importance is neglected and may not reach their full potential until the next generation incorporates them more and more. It wasn't until the '90s that the Internet or World Wide Web really became a part of the culture, but in less then 20 years its impact has changed society from top to bottom. In order to really delve into the importance of the worldwide online community, one must first define what it is.
There are hundreds of different definitions of what an online community is, but this statement is generally accepted throughout these definitions. Worldwide online communities are groups of people who join together on the Internet with a common int.
Of Literature and Articles by ArtToolUser2012. PE Architecture: Perspective Architecture Photography Basics: Perspective Taking photographs is basically capturing a 3-dimensional space in two dimensions. The main principle governing this transformation is the principle of perspective, which represents the effect of a subject's space and depth in a 2-dimensional plane. The perspective effect in a photo is determined by the position it is taken from and the direction the camera is pointing. In other words,
you can only change the perspective within an image by changing your standpoint. Godspeed by Sigurd-Quast Vanishing points play an important role in the portrayal of architectural forms. If parallel lines in 3-dimensional space extend into the distance, a photographic image will represent them as intersecting on a defined vanishing point. If you point your camera directly at the horizon, all vertical lines within the fram will actually appear vertical in your image.
This is an. PE Architecture: Staircases Architecture Photography Trends: Staircases The staircase is one of the most vital parts of a multi-story construction. The first step in the design of such a building is to find the perfect position of the staircase, the rest of the project would result from this as spaces will find their place around it. Architecture photographers love staircases just as much as they give opportunities for stunning images with very intriguing visual effects. Check out these wonderful examples of staircases in Architecture Photography gallery! 'Stairs of Art by Nightline.
05 blue by gnato. y star. by :devgnato 'Life is Golden by Matthias-Haker 'Rise 02 by Nightline 'rise and come down by ChristineAmat. http://xn--80ahkcc4aba9adq.xn--p1ai/forum2/member.php?u=42063 stair confusion by kraftseins :bigthumb2. PE Architecture: Composition (2/2 Architecture Photography Basics: Composition (2/2 One of the greatest differences between architecture photography and other photography styles is the large scale of an architectural object and its implantation in a context. This makes architecture interact with its surroundings and it is thus important to consider in advance whether you want to include the surroundings in a photo or whether they should be excluded.
I'm talking here about static objects such as trees, streetlights, walls, and signs,
as well as moving objects such as people, cars, clouds. Including the context makes it easier in some cases to interpret the building, but it can also have the opposite effect of overcrowding the image. the tunnel by quadratiges If you're going for a clear, clinical look,
you might want to reduce all distractions to a minimum. Some familiar object could keep the object at scale, but I'm not sure it really matt. Here they are, everyone The Arethusae Halifaxia If you are interested in owning one, please read all the details in the drawing's description and comment! Thank you all so much.
FAQ(2 anatomy study and improving in general Hai hai! I decided to write a seperate journal about this because it might be a bit longer. So, many people keep asking about how I improve my anatomy/background/shading I m still learning and have MILLION things to learn until I can give you somewhat professional advice : D but what I ve been doing so far was never a secret so I ll just write it here because people seem to be interested in it. Shall we begin? c: Do you use references? Yes, I do (who doesn t. D I have 5 folders in my comupter where I keep my reference photos (nicely,
separately heh I have the images from google mostly, but some of them can be also found here In references and Textures I have some own stuff too (photos from the zoo, or own texture photos Now, to be honest, I haven t used anything from the first. Merry Christmas Everyone! I apologize for being a 'downer with my angry journal recently, I've vented my anger of the issue,
the last journal has been deleted. Just let the kid alone now, time to move on to a happier subject. Australia and a few other countries have already had their Christmas Day,

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